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What is Secret Church:

What if the cost for knowing God’s Word was much higher? Right now, around the world millions of Christians are meeting in secret places, worshiping and practicing their faith behind closed doors. More Christians were killed for their faith in the twentieth century than in the previous nineteen centuries combined. What if you were persecuted for your faith? Would you sacrifice everything to tell others or be suppressed? Join us as we encounter a night of bible study and worship in an interactive game of persecuted Church.

Secret Church Score Card
Meeting 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Secret Church Yes Yes Yes
Police Yes Yes

Players Involved:

1. Secret Church Leaders (SCL) used to organize and contact others for event.

2. Secret Church Followers dodge Persecution Police and experience a sacrificial service with SCL.

3. Persecution Police (PP) focused on surveillance, infiltration, and destruction of underground church services.

Your Mission:

1. To experience authentic underground church worship with fear of persecution.

2. To retrieve a location and time from a contact person via our church website or a friend.

3. To pass along the secret info for this worship experience to as many people as possible that you trust.

4. To keep the Persecution Police (PP) from tracking and infiltrating your secret church group.

5. Success will occur when all underground secret individuals meet for the allotted time without being caught.

How to Begin:

1. Read through the information on this page to make sure you understand the risk of the game.

2. Be careful whom you trust - your lives depend upon it.