Minister to Missions and Young Single Adults


Robert Gilliland

Associate Pastor
Great Commission Ministry

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Mission: China

Strategy: To share the Gospel of Jesus by building relational platforms in urban Western China

Due to sensitive information regarding Olive’s China mission partnership, we ask that you send us an email (Robert's contact info listed at left) stating you would like more information about participating on an upcoming mission trip to China.  Thank you.


Building relationship platforms which lead to sharing the Gospel


Complete the mission trip information meeting form and return to the Great Commission Ministry office

Recruit Prayer Team

Begin fasting once a month for a breakthrough in China

Attend pre-trip meetings

Special Notes & Precautions:

Only six individuals can be part of a China mission team

Each team will have a member who can communicate in Mandarin

You must be able to follow policy and the team leader

You must be flexible

You must be in excellent health in order to go

You must be willing to engage with strangers

You must be willing to embrace the culture…including weird food

Those with severe dust allergies and severe asthma should be aware they will need a mask

Total travel time will be 20-24 hours