Florida Baptist Children's Home

Florida Baptist Children's Homes is a faith-based, nonprofit organization that provides safe, stable, Christian homes for boys and girls who have been neglected, misdirected, abandoned, abused, or caught up in family turmoil.

The children are provided good medical care, nourishing food, proper clothes, education, counseling, attention, a positive lifestyle and lots of love. And we try to give them a childhood that's as normal as possible under the circumstances. But the most important thing we give them is hope: we teach them about Jesus Christ and how He died for them so that they may have Everlasting Life. In short, we provide for their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

Florida Baptist Children's Homes takes a proactive approach to healing broken lives. During the time a boy or girl is living in one of our facilities or foster homes, our social workers interact with the child and his or her family, house parents or foster parents, to assure progress is being made in their particular situation. The goal is to eventually reunite the child with his or her family, whenever that is in the child's best interest. In the alternative, he or she may remain in our care through high school, placement in foster care or adoptive family. There are thousands of well-adjusted adults now who have deep gratitude for the help, love and guidance they received when they were most vulnerable.

Find more information at the Florida Baptist Children's Homes website.

Paulie Ferguson

Weekly Needs

Cottage Needs

  • Art supplies- construction paper, sketch pads
  • Glade plug ins
  • Non-perishable foods (canned & dry)
  • Drink mixes – Nestles chocolate & strawberry mixes (syrup and powder), Luzianne decaf tea bags, soft drinks, flavored drink mixes
  • Laundry & cleaning products – detergent, fabric softener sheets, Shout, bleach
  • Personal hygiene products – body wash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant (non-aerosol)
  • Paper products – toilet tissue, paper towels, 30-gallon trash bags, 8-10 gallon trash bags, 4 gallon trash bags, gallon storage and freezer bags
  • PS2 mouse for computer

Food List

  • BBQ Sauce, sweet pickle relish, salsa, salad dressings, prefers Ranch & Italian
  • Shredded & sliced cheese
  • Swiss & provolone cheese
  • Hot dogs, Ground beef, chicken breast & legs, sausage, hamburger patties, hams, roasts, bacon

Foster Care List

  • Diapers, Pullups, diaper rash ointment
  • Child thermometer
  • Formula
  • Baby Food
  • Child, infant and toddler toys, games, books

Continuing Needs

Individuals & Groups To Support Our Children Financially

  • Increase Gift to Mothers Day Offering (We Would Love to Fund a Second Cottage)
  • Consistently Give Each Month, At All Levels, To Pay For Daily Needs Such as Electrical Bills, Groceries, Medical Bills, Etc.
  • Give in Honor or in Memory of a Loved One or Friend
  • Consider This Ministry in Your Legacy/Financial Planning
  • Provide Funding for Wednesday Nights Suppers at Olive
  • Pay Annual Pool Usage Fee at UWF ($70 per quarter)
  • Donate Week at Time Shares or Vacation Home
  • Fund Local and State Mission Trips for Children
  • Provide Educational Software For Ages 5-10
  • Camp Sponsorship @ $300 Per Child (8 Needed)
  • Donations Needed For Disney Cottage Vacation
  • Provide Bag of Travel Games for Children Going to Camp or Vacation
  • Donate Canoe and/or Trailer for Cottage Use
  • Passes to Zoo, Bowling, Movies, Sam’s Fun City, 10-12 children/2-4 adults
  • Donate tickets to Pelicans, Ice Pilots games
  • Donate Restaurant Gift Cards
  • Provide Yard Tools such as Garden Rakes, Garden Hoe, Large Pruning Shears, Ax
  • Provide Dump Truck Load of Cypress Mulch 2X Year
  • Donate Movie/Popcorn/Soda Passes to be used for Foster Parents

Individual & Group Volunteers For "Hands On" Help

  • Miscellaneous Building Maintenance & Repairs Needed At Swilley Cottage
    • Paint Several Bedrooms and Hallways in Swilley Cottage
    • Install drop ceiling in Storage Room
    • Spray Sealer on Gazebo and Play House
    • Clean gutters and Trim. Need to be Brushed and Sprayed off
    • Build a Fence Around the Generator
    • Someone with a Bucket Truck to Trim Limbs on Trees
  • Miscellaneous Yard Work At Swilley Cottage
  • Seasonal Plantings in Flowerbeds
  • Provide Services Such as Orthodontics, Vision, Hair Cuts, Etc.
  • Tutoring* needed in Math, Reading & Writing on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 4-5pm
  • Volunteer to Chaperone FBCH Local and State Mission Trips
  • Give Leftover Food From Church Activities to FBCH

Groups Or Individuals To Spend Time With Our Children

  • Sunday School Classes To Spend Time With Children Once A Month Playing Games, Provide Pizza And building Relationships With Children
  • Implement Annual Church Event Such As A Lake Day Or Picnic
  • Volunteer to Provide Children Activities at Camp of Champions @ Lake Yale
  • Set Aside A Day Of Prayer With Assigned Times During Day to Pray for Children and Staff.
  • Plan Weekly Summer Activities
  • Provide Learning Activities For Children On Building Relationships, Manners, The Importance of Education, Career Planning, etc.
  • Come to Annual Christmas Open House At Swilley Cottage
  • Provide Part-Time Jobs For Cottage Teenagers

Individual & Families To
Open Their Homes To Our Children

  • Become a Fl Baptist Children’s Home Visiting Sponsor** (15 Needed)
  • Become a Fl Baptist Children’s Home Foster Parent** (20 Needed)
  • Provide Places for Children to Stay in July during House Parent’s Attendance at Child Care Symposium**

*Requires Background Screening
**REQUIRES An Application Process And Background Screening