Upward Sports

Providing the Best Sports Experience for Every Child

Upward Soccer provides a fun environment built around healthy competition for kids, teaching skills for the sports arena and values for life.

Competitive Sports Environment

  1. Upward Soccer offers competitive games through balanced talent on each team.
  2. Upward Soccer's unique substitution system is designed to provide every child equal playing time, along with competing against an equally matched opponent.
  3. Upward Soccer provides every participant with quality game uniforms to loo like a "pro," as well as other gear to help build team spirit.

Skills Development

  1. Upward Soccer equips children with the athletic skills needed to participlate at the next level.
  2. Each athlete will enjoy an exciting game-time experience that improves skills and builds healthy self-confidence.


  1. Upward Soccer coaches stress values such as sportsmanship, teamwork, integrity and respect.

For more information on Upward Sports, visit their official website: Upward.org.