At Olive, we want to equip every Christian with the tools they need to spread the Gospel. These pages contain a few of the resources we provide to help you in your walk with Christ.

One Year Bible Reading Plan (pdf)

Periodically released news and informational sources, as well as books written by Dr. Ted Traylor.
Olive's online repository for our weekly sermons and special events. There you can listen, watch and even download several years worth of messages.
Free downloadable backgrounds with the Olive logo for your computer.
Change of Address
Fill out this form to send us your updated contact information if you have moved or changed phone numbers.
Being a Bondservant
An explanation of our mandate as Christians to be a bondservant in our day to day lives.
Live Streaming
Watch Olive's Sunday services and some special events live over the internet.
TV and Radio
The broadcast television and radio schedule for Olive.
Media Library Center
Olive's own fully stocked library with books, movies and more.
Baptist Faith and Message
Lean what most Southern Baptists believe in this informative pdf.
School of Tyrannus
An online apologetics resource comprised of videos and articles designed to help you defend your faith.