The Eight Callings of God:

Listening to and following God's plan for your life
by Dr. Ted Traylor
2010, Outcome Publishing

In author and pastor Ted Traylor's book, you will learn that God wants us to fulfill eight expectations that can give us meaning and purpose. Each of these callings blends together like notes that form beautiful music, bringing harmony to our lives. Commit right now to begin the journey that can change your life forever, a life God can use to impact our world for Him.

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A Compass, a Map and a Passport

by Dr. Ted Traylor
2006, Mount PisgahPublishing
36 Page Booklet

God has a word for each of us about decisions we face. He has provided all the essentials to allow us to know His way as we seek Him with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. The peace of Christ is our divine compass. When confronted with decisions that determine our life’s direction, like the points on a compass, the presence of God’s peace can confirm our course.

We have a holy map already printed for us for our life’s road. The Word of God gives us the directions to chart our way through this journey we face. Our eternal passport comes through the person of Christ. Our future destination is secure through our Savior Jesus Christ.Through reliance on our constant travel companion, the Holy Spirit, every believer possesses these tools. Allow Jesus to command your destiny and follow His heavenly directive, “This is the way, walk in it.”

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What Is a Southern Baptist?

Key Denominational Distinctives
by Dr. Ted Traylor
2008, Mount Pisgah Publishing
27 Page Booklet

A Baptist is identified by some as a person who has been baptized by immersion or joined a Baptist church. But these identities, while valid, fail to present the fullness of the living, breathing, believing person I have identified here as a Southern Baptist.

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Dr. Ted Traylor Book Collection

Save $3 by purchasing all 3 books by Dr. Ted Traylor.
This collection includes:

  • The Eight Callings of God
  • A Compass, a Map and a Passport
  • What Is a Southern Baptist?

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