Having a church family to grow, a local community to serve and a world to share the Gospel with is no small task. To help with such a massive calling, Olive has a dedicated and hardworking staff to help further the Gospel and be servants to all. We have many departments put in place to cover the ministries and duties that go along with expanding the Kingdom of God and helping others.

We are here to show God's love and serve in the areas that God has called us. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the information below.

Employment Application (pdf)

Pastoral Team

The pastoral team handles preaching, hospital visits, offers prayer, comfort, & encouragement, lends Godly counsel & support, and provides ministry training for those who need it.

Music Team

The music team plans worship gatherings and leads children's, youth and adult choirs and the orchestra.

Media Team

The media team oversees advertising, printed publications, Olive's website, social media, audio, lighting, and the television broadcast.

Education Team

The Education team oversees discipleship through educating people of all ages, from preschool through mature adults.

Recreation Team

The Recreation Ministry Team coordinates team sports, sports camps, and fitness classes, and is responsible for Olive's gym, weight room, and the Olive Sports Complex.

Administrative Team

The administration team handles housekeeping, maintenance, finances, payroll, human resources, information technology, creative design, food service and weddings.