Alphabetical Staff Listing

Name Position Phone Email
John Barbaric Drama Director 850.475.1144
Dan Beard Administrator 850.475.1117
Glenn Best Property Manager 850.475.1138
Loraine Bishop Maintenance Secretary 850.475.1154
Daryl Black Kitchen Manager 850.475.1126
David Blum Communications Coordinator 850.475.1119
Samuel Crisp Information Technology Director 850.475.1125
Dennis Dean Minister of Children 850.475.1108
Tobi Detzler Apologetics Coordinator 850.475.1131
Mike Dimick Minister to Married Adults & Military 850.475.1147
Jon DuBois Minister of Pastoral Ministries 850.475.3165
Chuck Eshee Printshop Manager 850.473.4463
Samantha Faller Receptionist 850.476.1932
Allen Farr Media Director 850.475.1145
Sandy Fones Student Ministry Administrative Assistant 850.475.1143
Jeffrey Frame Video and Web Producer 850.475.1121
Annie Godwin Lighting Director / Media Assistant 850.475.1155
Beth Harris Executive Assistant to the Pastor 850.475.1102
Dawn Hart Music Executive Assistant 850.475.1148
Brandon Henry Director of College Ministry 850.476.1932
Brenda Hiatt Administrative Assistant to the Recreation Ministry 850.475.1120
Joan Hoyt Library Director 850.475.1132
Jerome Jones Director of Recreation Ministry 850.475.1120
Rebekah Justice Coordinator, School of Performing Arts 850.474.3645
Ginger Leonard Assistant to the Executive Pastor 850.475.1149
Dr. Stan Lewis Executive Pastor 850.475.1149
Judy Lloyd Children's Ministry Administrative Assistant 850.475.1108
Robert Lloyd Director of Single Adults 850.475.1147
John Lowe Minister of High School and
Interim Education Staff Coordinator
Charlotte Martin Finance Director / Wedding Coordinator 850.475.1103
Eric Miracle Minister to Missions 850.475.3165
Ginger Mitten Assistant to Pastoral Ministry & Missions 850.475.3165
Randa Olesky Library Assistant 850.475.1153
Sharon Parrish Music Office Assistant 850.475.1146
Huey Pearson Director of Lay Ministries 850.475.1109
Kara Rebitch Financial Assistant 850.475.1151
Chris Reeser Minister of Middle School 850.475.1127
Bob Ritchie Maintenance Director 850.475.3160
Carol Ann Rogers Children's Assistant 850.475.1130
Nancy Savage Weekday Ministry Assistant 850.475.1134
Tom Savage Director of Instrumental Music 850.475.1142
Becky Sheffler Accounting Assistant 850.475.1152
Cynthia Simandira Married Adults, Military and Single Adults Administrative Assistant 850.475.1147
Bennett Traylor Team Sports Director 850.475.3167
Dr. Ted Traylor Pastor 850.475.1102
Jon Tyner Minister of Music 850.475.1148
Chef Bob Vaningan Culinary Director 850.475.1126
Kim Waters Director of Mature Adults Activities 850.475.1123
Cindy Weatherall Education Ministry Administrative Assistant 850.475.1128
Fred Witty Director of New Member Assimilation 850.475.1110
Lawania Wright Receptionist 850.476.1932
Vinitsiy Yepishin Pastor of Russian Mission 850.476.8160