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Wednesday Mornings


Mothers of Young Children

Wednesdays, August 20- November 19, 2014
10:00am - Noon in room 5102
Led by Christy Tyner

MOYC would love to have you be a part of our amazing group of women! We are a group of moms with children ages newborn to 6 years old, so all Moms are welcome! We have an exciting year ahead of us as we fellowship together and study God’s Word. We are dedicated to nourishing our own spiritual health, as well as that of our families. Join us!

The Gospels

God's Word for Life: The Gospels

Wednesdays, August 27- November 19, 2014
9:15-11:45am in room 4200/4206
Led by Heidi Weekley

God’s Word for Life is an ongoing chronological Bible study. Books to be studied in part or whole this semester are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The Bible version used for this class is the New Living Translation Chronological Bible (red cover). These Bibles are available for purchase at Lifeway Christian bookstore. It is recommended that you purchase the large print, hardback edition. Childcare is provided.


Precept: Ezra, Haggai & Esther

Wednesdays, September 3 - November 12, 2014
9:15-11:00am in the room 4100/4106
Led by Cindy Roberts

Come explore with us Ezra and Haggai followed immediately by Esther. The books will need to be purchased at the same time - the cost will be $22. Ezra, Haggai: Rebuilding the Temple: You can trust God. Experience what it’s like when God places His hand on the lives of His people to prove He is a promise keeping God. Esther: A Man & a Woman for Such a Time as This: What is your purpose? God is always working in the affairs of His creation, even when we are unaware. Can God use you “for such a time as this?”

Wednesday Evenings



Wednesdays, October 22 - November 19, 2014
6:00-7:00pm in room 4211
Led by Penny Putnam

We are in bondage to busyness. We constantly strive to complete the limitless to-do lists that hinder us from experiencing all that God has for us. We miss the moments because we rush ahead to the next thing. It is time for us to breathe and build margin into our lives for God. Sabbath was intended as a gift, and it is still a gift to us today. If you are weary, worn out, and exhausted the concept of Sabbath will change your life.

· Session 1 - The Freedom of Sabbath (35:40)
· Session 2 - Stops Along the Sabbath Journey (22:20)
· Session 3 - Double-Portion Friday (32:57)
· Session 4 - Coming Into Focus (35:18)
· Session 5 - Sabbath Margin (15:34)

Respectfully Yours

Respectfully Yours & His Needs, Her Needs

Wednesdays, August 27 - October 15, 2014
6:00-7:00pm in room 5102
Led by Mary Jo Summerlin & Angela Russo

Respectfully Yours: We know love best motivates a woman. But do we know what best motivates a man? God has designed men and women differently. Discover the secret that empowers a woman to influence the man in her life. Ephesians 5:33 reveals a truth hidden in plain sight for nearly 2000 years, that a husband is to love and a wife is to respect. Respectfully Yours will help you understand what respect looks like—how to apply it and much more!

His Needs, Her Needs: It's no surprise; men and women have radically different priorities! In this updated edition of His Needs, Her Needs, Dr. Harley offers new insights into the intimate emotional needs of husbands and wives to help you "affair-proof" your marriage.


You Have a Kinsman Redeemer

Wednesdays, October 29 - November 19, 2014
6:00-7:30pm in room 4210
Led by Susan Peoples

Don’t Despair! There is Hope! You have a Kinsman Redeemer. If you were a slave, who would buy your freedom? Defend you? In the Old Testament, this buyer-defender known as a “kinsman redeemer” was usually a close relative. If you’re a believer, you already have one—Jesus Christ! Jesus both bought us (redeemer) and advocates (defends) us, offering us an opportunity to rebuild our broken lives. In this study of the life of Ruth, see how Jesus redeems and defends us. Our workbook contains three lessons with about 5 hours of homework per lesson. Help with homework will be given at the first meeting.

Thursday Mornings

Friday Mornings

Children of the Day

Children of the Day - by Beth Moore

Fridays, August 22 - October 24, 2014
9:00-11:00am in room 5102
Led by Cathy Bishop

Is family life a challenge? Is work driving you crazy? Do you know God has a purpose for your life, but can't figure out what it is? Know that your circumstances are not coincidental and God's timing is impeccable. Join Beth Moore on the Thessalonian shores as she walks you through the truth of each verse of 1 and 2 Thessalonians. In this study, you'll face crises, afflictions, relationships, doubts, concerns, and fears. Find encouragement for living the Christian life now and hope for when Christ returns.

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