Nov 1

High School Retreat

Our Second Annual Blackout is Saturday, November 1, in the Prayer Garden at Olive. We will spend the day together reflecting upon our faith, enjoying times of worship, recreation, team building, and time with Pastor and Jon Tyner. The cost is $20 and includes a t-shirt and 2 meals. Registration forms can be picked up in Passmore Hall. Students will be considered registered upon receipt of the registration fee. The registration deadline is October 22.

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High School

Join us as we break the mold of a typical student ministry program on Wednesday Nights! Plug into our small groups, Bible studies, crazy activities, or our Wednesday night gathering. The Zone is a place for students just like you to develop lasting friendships and draw closer to Jesus Christ. We believe that God is looking for students who are passionate about glorifying His name.

Our goal is to connect with Christ, Christians, and the Community. We call this C3. The Zone provides an environment where students are empowered by God, engage one another in genuine spiritual discussion, and truly believe they can change their world.


Events listed under CONNECT are geared towards creating an atmosphere where students can CONNECT with God and others in a laid back and relaxed setting. These events are open to anyone in grades 9-12 and students are encouraged to bring friends that may not yet be Christians.

Wednesday Nights

We have a mid-week worship gathering for high school students (grades 9-12). From 6:00-7:00pm we meet in Passmore Hall and enjoy free games, good food, a live band, relevant topics, and plenty of people to hang out with.


Socials are a great way to get to know new people and reconnect with old friends. They often occur within individual “connect” groups at a leader’s house but also happen where the entire high school group is invited to attend. Socials are all about having a great time together.


“Connect” is our large group meeting that occurs each Sunday morning from 9:30-11:00.  This includes hanging out with other students, worshipping with a live band, listening to a message and participating in small groups.  This is a time to hang out with friends, worship together and dive into the Word.  Students have the opportunity to engage in spiritual relationships as well as be led by dynamic small group men and women who are passionate about high school students.

Students in 9th-12th grade who attend at 8:00am meet in a single, combined Sunday School format.


Growth is essential part of’s that simple. For that reason the Student Ministry offers a number of opportunities with your spiritual growth in mind. Items that are listed under GROW are designed to help strengthen your walk with Christ and deepen your knowledge of His word.


Transformed guys find their focus in the person of Jesus Christ, who transforms us from the inside out. God works to transform us daily by getting to know Him better. We do this through prayer and Bible study, and following Him in conscious steps of faith. For more information, contact Cindy Weatherall at 850.475.1128.


Each Fall, usually sometime in October, the high school ministry leaves town for a few days to get away from it all. This weekend is an awesome time to reconnect with friends, refresh our minds and refocus ourselves to ensure that we are in step with God’s plan for our lives. Fall Retreat is certainly a welcome break from the norm and you should plan on being there!


Disciple Now is an event in January or February where students spend a weekend with other teenagers in their grade staying at various homes, having fun late into the night and growing their relationship with God.


These events all give students the opportunity to take what God has done in their lives and use it to help others. These events are both evangelistic and service-minded and are intended for those students who are already in a growing relationship with God.


World Changers provides an opportunity for students to spend a week reaching out to people in need. This is often in the form of roofing, painting, building and other home improvement needs for families in low-income housing. The work is intense but the rewards are great.


Every other summer the high school ministry takes a trip to a foreign country with the purpose of sharing the love of Christ with those who have not yet heard. At Olive we believe that every member is to be a missionary sharing across the street and across the border.