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Almaty is the largest city in Kazakhstan and is the business center of the country. Almaty has a spectacular mountain backdrop with its deep history of being the old capital. Join us as we work alongside Bible Mission International and Bible Institute to share the love of Christ. God has opened the doors for teams to go into orphanages, detention centers, conservatories for music and work with the local churches through camps for the handicapped, blind and deaf.

Kazakhstan Stats
Difficulty Level: 2
Language: Kazakh and Various Languages
Population: 16,346,000
Evangelical Christian: .6%
Major Religions:
• Non-religious: 27.9%
• Islam: 50.1%
• Christianity 21.8%
Unreached People Groups: 36


David Ellis Member

"It has certainly changed my life and the way I see people every day."


Sara Davy Member

“Being on mission is incredibly satisfying because the focus is God's purpose for your life; to love him and serve others.”


Steve Butler Member

“I was 47 years old when God called me to the mission field, the Bahamas. He quite simply spoke to my heart saying, “You will never be the same.”


Cathy Bishop Member

"We learned, firsthand, how to encourage and lift up so many broken hearted people."


David Thompson Member

"The experience far exceded our expectations. A camaraderie was developed with people we had never met, because of a like mission."


Martha Raley Member

"It is a joy to work and worship with our fellow Christians in Ghana."


Ben Strachan Member

"The opportunity to observe how a completely different culture worships God in such a similar way as we do was eye opening and enriching."


Martin Mina Member

“People are looking for joy and peace, and we as followers of Christ need to learn how to embrace them unconditionally.”


Chef Bob Vaningan Member

"Although I know that being there did some good, I feel the best work was done in me."


Debbie Smith Member

"The memory of my first international mission trip and the people I met is something I will cherish forever. Would love to do another one someday."


Scott Heald Member

"It was a truly great experience and I hope I will have the opportunity to do the Lord’s work in a similar fashion again sometime."


Glenn Best Member

"I have had the privilege of taking several trips in recent years that have all been fruitful in planting the seeds of the Gospel."


Annie Gray Member

“We get so comfortable sometimes in our own bubble that to experience God’s power we need to step outside that bubble and experience the unknown.”


Clara Reeves Member

“Listen and be obedient, cause God has some amazing life changing to do in each of our lives..."


Steve Williams Member

"It opened my eyes and mind to the spiritual condition of a part of America, that is unseen by most Christians."