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Hurricane Disaster Relief

If you would like to give financially to assist with the disaster relief efforts please send money to Olive Baptist Church c/o Disaster Relief or submit online directly to Florida Baptist Diaster Relief using the link below. Thank you for your support during this difficult time.

The button below will direct you directly to disaster-relief.

Disaster Relief Ministry

Mission Statement: “The mission of Florida Baptist Disaster Relief and Recovery Ministries is to “Make a difference” in times of disaster by connecting Florida Baptist Churches and Associations to people and communities impacted by disaster and by responding with Help, Healing, and Hope, that demonstrates and shares the love of Christ.”

In the wake of a disaster having trained volunteers helps Florida Baptist Disaster Relief be the go to faith based volunteer organization. Every year FLDR plans training opportunities in every region. We try our best to have training events within a two hour driving distance in each region.  Being a trained volunteer allows you to be a credentialed volunteer. Every volunteer must be credentialed to be allowed in a disaster area.

For more information on requirements, as well as training dates for first-time and returning volunteers, visit

North American Mission Board Disaster Relief

To get involved with disaster relief, contact Ginger Mitten at 850-475-3165 or or contact Danny at

Ministry Areas

Mass Feeding
The purpose of the Feeding Ministry is to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those impacted by a disaster. This is accomplished through the work of volunteers and commercial equipment, which is able to prepare up to 40,000 meals per day.

Clean Up & Recovery
The areas of responsibility for Cleanup and Recovery include; chain saw work, removal of fallen trees from homes, cleanup of debris, temporary roof repairs, flood response, disinfecting homes and fire response.

Emergency Response Team
The Emergency Response team provides safety, security and medical support to responding volunteers and local communities, while ministering to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs during a disaster.

Temporary Child Care Services
Temporary Child Care Services cares for children in the aftermath of a disaster. It’s a ministry where children and parents are shown the love of Jesus as a time when care and attention are vital needs in their lives.

Emotional & Spiritual Care
These team members seek to comfort and encourage all who are affected by a disaster. We introduce hope by sharing the gospel as we encourage survivors to overcome the ravages of the disaster to reach out for assistance and support as they rebuild their lives.

Administrative Support
The Administration Team serves in a clerical support role by compiling reports, tracking volunteers and job information, while offering compassion to those in need.

Logistical Support
Logistics is committed to the safe transportation, operation and maintenance of the disaster relief equipment. Logistics provides the infrastructure and is the glue that holds other ministries together. It is also the responsibility of the logistics team to set-up, clean, and tear down the shower units. Some shower units also have laundry facilities included for personnel who are in a disaster area for an extended period of time.

What to Donate

· Heavy Duty Trash Bags

· Face/Dust Masks

· Heavy Duty Construction Gloves

· Flashlights

· Batteries

· Solar Lights

· Masking Tape

· Permanent Markers

· Extension Cords

· Power Strips

· Paper Towels/Toilet Paper

· Disposable Flatware and Dishes

· Tools (Hammers, Screw Drivers, etc.)

· Manual Can Openers

· Canned Goods

· Bottled Water

· Antibacterial Ointment

· Gauze/Tape

· Rubbing Alcohol

· Adhesive Bandages and Bandage Rolls

· Asiprin, Ibuprofen

· Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner

· Bug Spray

· Mouth Wash/Toothpaste/Toothbrushes

· Hair Ties

· Sunscreen

· Hand Sanitizer and Wipes

· Feminine Hygiene Products

· Brushes/Combs

· Deodorant

· Blankets & Towels

· Chainsaws

· Cordless Drills

· Wheel Barrels

· Buckets

· Generators

· Gas Containers

· Zip Ties

For more information, please email Josh Dickins at

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