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Are you interested in fostering a child but have no idea where to start? Have you considered sharing your love and home but not sure you have what it takes? Olive Baptist's new ministry, FosteringFamily, is here to provide education, training, and encouragement for families as the church lives out the biblical mandate to care for neglected children.

Ways to Get Involved

FOLLOW  “FosteringFamily Support Team (Olive Baptist)” on Facebook.
Tangible needs are posted here so we can meet those needs for our foster families and their children.

PRAY!  If you would like to be partnered with a foster family to lift them up in prayer.
Contact: Elise Drinkard at or 850.207.0952.

BABYSIT  Free babysitters during court dates, date nights, or just to run errands can be a huge blessing to our foster families. For more information, follow the “FosteringFamily Support Team (Olive Baptist)” Facebook group.

COOK  Cook a casserole and bring it to the preschool department freezer for a foster family.
Contact: Pam Hinote at to get details.

GIVE  Gift cards (Walmart, Target, Amazon) are wonderful gifts! Purchase on Amazon here or at any of these stores (restaurant, pizza, or movie gift cards are great, also). Any household items such as laundry detergent, paper towels, paper plates, etc. are always useful. Bring any gift cards or items to the preschool desk.

JOIN  Interested in becoming a licensed foster parent or licensed respite provider?
Contact: Beth Harris at

Babysitting or Respite Care Contact:
Deanna Lambeth at or 251.202.7196
Shaletha Robinson at 850.480.3579

Laundry Baskets of Love

Help us fill laundry baskets with the following items for Olive’s foster families. Please bring in items during the month of May to the table in the lobby.

• Laundry Detergent (any type)

• Dish Detergent (any type)

• Dishwasher Detergent

• Paper Plates

• Plastic Silverware

• Plastic Cups

• Paper Towels

• Toilet Paper

• Non-perishable Snacks (Goldfish, Cheez-It’s, Pretzels, Cheerios), Granola Bars, etc.)

• Lysol Wipes

• Baby/Toddler Body Wash

• Multi-purpose Cleaner

• Toilet Cleaner

From an Olive Foster Mom

"Four . . . That's the number of sandwiches I had to make for lunches tomorrow. Only put four kids to bed tonight instead of the usual five. Our sweet W went to a family who plans to adopt him along with all his siblings. So happy that he ran out the front door into his older brothers' arms and that he now gets to live with his younger sisters and brothers who were overjoyed to see him. Sad to see him go because he was seriously. So. Sweet. (And he could put on his own pants) But #thisisfostercare.

Packing bags and gathering belongings, you try to make sure you send every possible thing they've accumulated in such a short time. You wash their clothes and fold them neatly, not knowing if they'll even remember being so excited to wear something new or how they got those shoes for Christmas. Never knowing what life is going to throw at them next or if they will even remember you. You give them one last quick bath so they smell good and put the good thick lotion on so their skin doesn't dry out. You do it out of obedience and love and somehow you prepare your heart to do it all over again. You say yes and the next kid comes in and you start again. The love, the tears, the prayers and all the unknowns. It rips your heart out, and yet, it's still not even fathomable to go back to the life you knew before you started saying "yes." So tonight, I'll cry a few tears in the shower for the brokenness of this world but a few for the amazing grace God gives and for the redemptive power of love from strangers who are also called to love the least of these. We are all in this together, and it's a pretty awesome place to be.

If He gave His life to love them, so will I."




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