PENSACOLA: 9:30 & 11:00am | WARRINGTON: 11:00am

Ministry Village

Answer the MVO phone and take applications for financial assistance.

Scan MVO documents for electronic storage. 

Prepare family food bags, transient food bags and hygiene bags. 

Pickup bread donations at 9:00am from the Publix on Pine Forest Road and bring to the MVO office. 

Wednesday night between 7:15pm and 8:45pm distribute food bags to people who attend the MVO Budget Class. 

After the Fifth Sunday Food Drive bring the food from OBC to MVO. 

Inventory food donations.


Early Learning Center

Department of Children and Family Services allows and approved person to volunteer 10 hours per month in a licensed early learning center. The volunteer will be placed where the greatest need is at the time of service and will serve as an extra person. Volunteers do not count in the child to teacher ratio.


Charis House​

Provide transportation for Charis House residents to various locations such as school, employment or the Ministry Village Bargain Center. The volunteer will be required to provide proof of adequate liability insurance. 

Mentor a lady in Phase 2 of the program. 

Perform lawn maintenance on the Charis House property. 

Handyman repair services at Charis House. 

Devotion leaders and teachers. 

Volunteer as a temporary House Manager to allow the House Managers to attend training classes or other meetings.


Bargain Center

Assist inside the store providing customer service. 

Assist in the warehouse. 

Assist receiving donations on the Bargain Center truck. 

Prepare merchandise to go to the showroom floor.

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