SUNDAY SERVICES: 9:30 & 11:00am
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Connect - Connection Groups
9:30-10:45am | Passmore Hall

Connect is the single most important hour of the week in the life of our high school ministry! This is when students meet Bible study groups led by adults who love students and work to see them become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. The focus is systematic Bible study following a 4 year plan.

The Zone - Wednesdays
6:00pm | Passmore Hall

A Wednesday gathering with activities such as: 
• Who Wants to Play a Game? 
• Meet the Student of the Week
• Worship through music
• Fellowship
• Topical Bible Study


Beach Worship
June 14

Join the Zone on Wednesday, June 14, for worship at Pensacola Beach! Sign up below!

The Convergence | July 10-14 | Shorter University

Pay Deposit On or Before April 9   |  Total Cost $275.00
Pay Deposit April 10 or After   |  Total Cost $300.00
Precamp Meeting   |  June 25 at 12:15 PM   |   Passmore Hall
Final Payment Due at Precamp Meeting

XFuge is Olive’s Summer Camp at Shorter College in Rome, GA. Daily, each of our students will be involved in Bible Study, Worship, Recreation and on Thursday the MEGA RELAY. The theme for XFUGE is THE CONVERGENCE. We are all on a journey, often finding ourselves standing at the convergence of truth and its imitation. These convergent moments have the power to alter our lives and impact God’s Kingdom for eternity. But, how do we decide in which direction to move? Studying the journey of David, students will be challenged to apply godly discernment by trusting God completely, recognize the difference between God’s truth and men’s advice, realize the impact of their decisions and surround themselves with people who reinforce the need for godly wisdom. Join us on the journey.

* Limited scholarships available. Please see John Lowe for an application.

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Charlie Griffith Group Leader

"I love Sunday mornings in The Zone with my junior guys!"


Sarah Dominey student

"The Zone is just like a family, because everyone is there for you when you need help."


Paul Vinson student

"A fun, inviting place where highschoolers can come and worship and fellowship together"


Hailey Turner student

"A place called “The Zone” is where we come together to worship!"