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Olive has had a long history of strong and healthy service by the deacon body.  There is a special bond between the Pastor, staff and the deacons in the serving, shepherding, and leading of God’s church.  Olive is Pastor led and deacon served and the deacons serve in a multitude of ways, such as providing affirmation of the Pastor’s leadership, giving counsel in decision making, assisting with the widow ministry, serving during the Wednesday night meals, and helping to provide a secure environment for the worship and activities of the church.  Additionally each individual deacon is expected and has been found to be active in serving in specific areas of the church.

Deacon Officers 2020

From Left to Right: Jason Crawford (Vice-Chariman), Kevin Creel (Secretary), Greg PRice (Chairman), Steve Harrod (2021 Chariman-Elect).


Newly Elected Deacons for 2020-2022

The following men were elected December 8, 2019:

Ron Adkison

Randy Butler

Finis Calvert

Barry Coker

James Denley

Bob Duncan

Hugh Fones

Brad Hall

Nick Helms

Brad Hinote

David Hoyt

Heath Kelly

Jonathan Mize

Scott Mudge

Joe Murphy

Crawford Odom

Adam Principe

Jack Siler

Keith Swilley

Jerry Wood

Currently Elected Deacons for 2019-2021

The following men were elected December 2, 2018:

Randy Bondurant 

Charles Cannon 

Charles Carnley 

David Channell 

Jason Crawford 

Kevin Creel 

Peter Dublin 

Larry Eiland 

Jerry Findley 

Jared Gann 

Jeremy Hans 

Steve Harrod 

Buddy Hinote 

Ron Hopkins 

Greg Jernigan 

Ronnie Labrato 

Ryan Mattox 

Randy Miller 

Roger Smith 

Reggie Toles

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